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Freeset USA vs Freeset Global

What type of organization is Freeset USA and what is its purpose?

Freeset USA was formed in 2013 and is an independent U.S. nonprofit section 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to ending sex trafficking and associated modern slavery. To serve its mission, Freeset USA supports Freeset in three areas: (1) marketing and distribution, (2) advocacy and awareness, and (3) fundraising for and social services and capital investments.

What does Freeset USA do primarily?

Freeset USA serves Freeset as its non-profit distributor in the U.S. Freeset USA operates an on-line store, fulfills orders from its warehouse in Ohio, holds sales and awareness activities at various local community events, develops marketing strategies and raises funds for overseas projects. With respect to funds raised, Freeset USA will conduct independent reviews and monitor the use of funds received to ensure donations are used for the intended charitable purposes of ending human trafficking and modern slavery in projects overseas. In compliance with government guidelines and tax regulations, Freeset USA retains full control and discretion over the funds received to ensure that the funds are distributed in a manner consistent with and in the best interest of the stated tax-exempt purposes. Following disbursement, Freeset USA requires periodic reporting to monitor the use of funds and evaluate accomplishments.

What is the purpose of Freeset's use of different distributors in the U.S?

Freeset distributes its products throughout the world through its distributors. Freeset believes in working in community with like-minded non-profit and for-profit organizations dedicated to ensuring freedom for others and ending sex-trafficking. The use of a network of distributors has helped nurture an international community using each member's creativity and resources to multiply the impact of the good work of Freeset and inspire others to further the mission.


Organization Questions

Where is Freeset USA's HQ? Do you have other locations?

We are co-located in Cincinnat, OH and Herndon, VA. Warehouse and sales operations, and marketing and executive offices are in Cincinnati, and our technology and finance staff are in Herndon. Some of our key team members are also located in Georgia, Texas, California and Minnesota. Except for our warehouse operations in Ohio, most of our work, including advocacy, can be done on-line anywhere in the world.

How are you funded?

Operations are currently funded primarily through the sales of products. We are actively seeking grants from foundations and other funding organizations interested in supporting Freeset USA's work in expanding market access for freedom businesses, product development, and specific projects in India.

Where do funds from sales go?

Profit from the sales is used to purchase more products from Freeset and build inventory and maintain sufficient working capital to operate Freeset USA's distribution operations. When funds are raised for specific projects in India, the funds are disbursed for those purposes, subject to Freeset USA's discretion and oversight, to ensure funds are used to further Freeset USA's charitable purposes.

Are your items all fair trade?

Freeset Bags and Apparel has been certified by the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO). Freeset USA is a member of the Fair Trade Federation (FTF) in the US.


Get Involved Questions

How do I get involved?

Contact There are many ways! Share with us your skill sets, availability and interests and we will have a volunteer coordinator work with you to find a spot to jump in! We have a growing team of people passionate about ending human trafficking and transforming communities -- something bigger than ourselves. Join us!

What type of volunteer services do you need?

Volunteers are based in a variety of locations depending on the role. Sometimes they help in the warehouse with inventory and order fulfillment, sometimes they work online on financial tasks, analysis, graphic design or grant applications, sometimes they assist with sales events locally or at a national conference or selling to boutiques in their home town. These are just a few examples. Everyone has talents that extend beyond their professional field of work. What interests you and what area do you feel you could add value even though it may not be in your current profession?

How does everyone communicate with each other?

Via e-mail or other online systems such as Trello, Skype, google hangouts etc. Volunteers would be in contact with the group they are working in most and join in the rhythms of that group. There are local team meetings for those serving in Ohio and Virginia.

What opportunities do you have? Do you have paid opportunities or is it purely volunteer?

We offer both types of roles. For information on available positions, please contact us at

How many hours do I need to commit a week to volunteer?

Can be as little as 1 up to whatever level you're comfortable with depending on the role and need

How do I become a distributor? Do I contact Freeset Global or Freeset USA? And what is the reasoning behind contacting one or the other?

Freeset USA is one of several Freeset distributors worldwide. The right to become a distributor is granted by Freeset. Please contact to inquire about becoming a distributor. Like other Freeset distributors, Freeset USA offers opportunities for wholesale purchase of Freeset products. Please contact to inquire about becoming a wholesale purchaser.


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