Bag Styles

See below for our most popular bag styles, colors, and pricing*.

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Popular Cotton Bags

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Everyday Tote


Size (in): 10x10, 12x12, 14x14, 16x16 

Fabric: available in canvas & sheeting 

Features: cotton handles

Pricing *

Fabric Size 100 500 1500 5000 
sheeting 16x16 $4.95 $3.51 $3.20 $3.03
canvas 16x16 $5.39 $3.88 $3.72 $3.54


makeup pouch


Size (in): 4x6x2.5, 6x8x3, 7x11x4

Fabric: canvas exterior w/ sari lining 

Features: zipper closure

Pricing *

Size 100 500 1500 5000 
4x7x2 $3.19 $1.89 $1.77 $1.61
6x8x3 $3.52 $2.54 $1.95 $1.85


bling bag


Size (in): 4x4, 5x5, 6x6 

Fabric: sheeting 

Features: drawstring closure

Pricing *

Size 100 500 1500 5000 
4x4 $3.08 $1.79 $1.65 $1.51
5x5 $3.24 $1.98 $1.75 $1.66


Cotton Canvas Colors

Cotton Sheeting Colors


Popular Jute Bags

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Size (in): 12x14x6, 14x16x7

Fabric: laminated jute

Features: laminated jute handles

Pricing *

Size 100 500 1500 5000 
12x14x6 $8.21 $5.89 $5.67 $5.41
14x16x7 $8.82 $6.28 $6.05 $5.79


Freedom Conference


Size (in): 14x12x5

Fabric: laminated jute

Features: adjustable nylon shoulder strap

Pricing *

Size 100 500 1500 5000 
14x12x5 $6.77 $4.69 $4.51 $4.30


Handy Pouch


Size (in): 4x6x2.5, 6x8x3, 7x11x4

Fabric: laminated jute or canvas

Features: zipper closure, jute handle

Pricing *

Size 100 500 1500 5000 
6x8x3 $3.28 $1.91 $1.73 $1.68
7x11x4 $3.57 $2.23 $2.01 $2.07


Laminated Jute Colors


* Price estimates are based on 1 color printing on natural fabric. The prices displayed are estimates and the actual price will vary.  Price estimates include customs duty & delivery. For pricing on smaller or larger orders, please contact our Custom Team at

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