Freeset is in Business for Freedom. The mission is simple: to help stop sex trafficking and prostitution in West Bengal, India. Freeset USA is a non-profit distributor for two social enterprise businesses: Freeset Bags & Apparel (FBA) and Freeset Fabrics. Through the distribution of tees and accessories, they are providing a new approach for confronting trafficking and prostitution through sustainable business.

Freeset Fabrics is based in Murshidabad, West Bengal -- an area that is prone to the trafficking of girls. Here, 60% of the population is below the poverty line, and girls are generationally stolen or sold into the sex trade as a means to support their family. By providing work for these at-risk girls, Freeset offers a way for supporting their families, so they are never forced into prostitution in the first place.

Freeset Bags & Apparel is located in Sonagacchi, the largest, most infamous sex district in Kolkata, India. Within a square mile, more than 10,000 women stand in line selling their bodies to thousands of men who visit daily. Many are trafficked from Bangladesh, Nepal and rural India. For others poverty has left them without options - the cries of their hungry children drive them to sell their bodies.

Freeset works to provide freedom to women who have been trafficked, by offering them an alternative choice of employment. They are taught sewing and screen printing skills, and are also provided physical, emotional  and psychological support. Freeset women learn how to read, write, budget and handle their finances, plus they receive insurance and a pension.

Freeset’s goal is to transform the lives of West Bengali women by disrupting the generational poverty and sexual exploitation handed down from mother to daughter.